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Police Department


Department Description

Greendale Police Department is the law enforcement agency serving the City of Greendale,
Indiana. The department consists of 10 full time sworn police officers,
2 Ė Full-time and
6 Part-time
dispatchers, and is commanded by Chief of Police A. DeWayne Uhlman. The
police station is located at 480 Ludlow St. Greendale, IN 47025 and is open 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.



Greendale Police Department investigates a wide range of crimes and serious incidents.
Additionally, evidence is collected in most cases that require examination by forensic
scientists. Major felony cases (Class C felonies and above) are handled by the criminal
investigators assigned to the department. Detective Sergeant Kendle Davis and Patrol
Sergeant Kevin Turner are assigned to the investigation division.



Officers of the Greendale Police Department respond to many types of calls, from accidents and medical emergencies to robberies and mischief calls.



Records of cases, accidents, emergency service run by Greendale Fire and EMS, photos,
and daily activity are kept by the dispatcher/ clerks at Greendale Police Department.
Costs of reports are $5 by cash or money order and photos are $5 each. Please bring
exact change. Call 812-537-1321 or come to the station to request a copy of a report.
Only face sheets on case reports are released unless prior approval is granted by
the Chief of Police.


List of Officers

Badge 15-401 Chief of Police A. Dewayne Uhlman  Email
Badge 15-402 Assistant Chief Jeffery Allen Lane 
Badge 15-404 Officer Garrett Schmaltz
Badge 15-406 Officer Scott Schnebelt
Badge 15-407 Officer Scott Spinnati
Badge 15-408 Detective Sergeant Kendle Davis  Email
Badge 15-409 Patrol Sergeant Kevin Turner
Badge 15-410 Officer Joseph Vance
Badge 15-411 Officer Pamela Taylor
Badge 15-405 Officer Dustin Hatfield


Hours of Operation and Services

The Greendale Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on all
holidays. Greendale PD provides response to emergencies, criminal investigation, accident
investigation, traffic enforcement, and title checks during all hours of operation. A dispatcher
is on duty at the station at all times. The police department dispatchers also handle after
hours call-outs for Greendale Utilities for water and electrical emergencies. Greendale Fire
Department and Greendale EMS are dispatched through Greendale Police Dispatch and
Dearborn County 911 Dispatch 24 hours a day.

SR 21s (Reporting of Insurance for Accidents)

Drivers involved in an accident in the State of Indiana are required to provide proof of insurance to the
Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This form, the Indiana Operatorís Proof of Insurance/ Crash Report or
SR 21, must be completed, signed by your insurance agent, and mailed into the BMV within 10 days on any accident resulting in injury, death, or damage to all vehicles involved totally more than $1000.
Form SR 21


The City of Greendale hosts a public display of fireworks at the Greendale City Park on
July 4 every year at dark. Personal use of fireworks is restricted by state law under the
following conditions:

-Fireworks must be discharged on the userís property or a person who has given permission
to use fireworks on the property.

-Fireworks can only be discharged before 11:00 PM and after 9:00 AM except on state
holidays and December 31 when they can be discharged until midnight.

- Only consumer fireworks can be discharged.

-Persons under 18 cannot discharge fireworks unless under an adultís supervision.

-Penalties for violating the fireworks laws can range from a Class C Infraction to a
Class C Felony if the act causes death.

-The Indiana Code for fireworks usage can be found here.


Barking Dogs, Dogs Running at Large, and Vicious Dogs

Greendale City Ordinance prohibits animals or fowl disturbing the peace by sound or odor.
For an officer to take action, a written complaint must be filed with the police department.
The form is available on line here
. Animal or Fowl Disturbing the Peace form
or at the police station.

Dogs are required to be on the ownerís property or under control via leash or other restraint.

Dogs that have bitten a person or are of a certain breed (such as Doberman, Pit Bull, etc)
have further restrictions as far as control, pens, and fences.


Parking Regulations and Fines

Any vehicle parked on a public street in the City of Greendale must be moved every 7 days.
Vehicles must also be parked with the flow of traffic, not on yellow lines, in front of fire
hydrants, in violation of posted signs, or in no parking zones. Junk or abandoned vehicles
on private property but in view of the public must be removed within 14 days.

Commercial Vehicles are prohibited to be parked on the city streets at all times.

RVs, campers, trailers, and boats exceeding 18 feet in length must be removed from
the city streets between October 1 and March 1 each year.

During snow emergencies, residents are asked to move their vehicles from the streets
to expedite snow removal.

Parking fines are $5 and may be paid at the Greendale Police Station. Cash only and
exact change.


Contact Info:
480 Ludlow Street
Greendale, IN 47025
Phone: 812-537-1321
Fax: 812-537-1459
Emergency: 9-1-1

Hours: 24/7


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